Grúa y edificios en construcción

Building site: Scaffolding on the facade/perimeter Calderas, Moncobra


First company in the sector audited and certified by

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Because for STIN it is important to have a serious Code of Conduct to generate maximum trust in our clients around our professionalism and to create a work environment where people’s dignity is respected.


At Grupo STIN we care about people and their work and social environment, so we care about improving work situations directly related to the performance of their duties without affecting their environment or their health.


Grupo STIN has shown its commitment and special concern to guarantee equal opportunities among the members of its staff and its rejection of any behavior or action that may violate this right.


For Grupo STIN, training is STRATEGIC. We train both our team and new people in the standard skills and those of the company in processes, quality and safety. We have developed a very ambitious external and internal training program.


Grupo STIN in its vision of international growth, understands from the beginning that it must rely on local agents and actors. For this reason, it always seeks to develop partnerships with them and, above all, seeks to search for local talent and equipment, enhancing strategic training even more. Our main mission is to develop know-how with the local team.

Our values

We believe that the values and ethical business principles that we apply and extend to our business partners, in our relationships with suppliers, suppliers and collaborators, are the key to mutual trust:


We respect legal and ethical requirements, guarantee working conditions for our employees, have a policy of zero tolerance for bribery and corruption, and promote fair competition.


We believe in impartiality in order to avoid conflicts of interest or undue influence from third parties that could harm our professional independence. We are transparent in the processes of external and internal communication, we use selection services with our suppliers, which are equitable and transparent, only for the benefit of achieving a good negotiation.


we consider our clients as the centre of our operations, we guarantee the quality of the knowledge and the effectiveness in the development of the skills according to the needs of our clients. We use the company’s assets efficiently and securely, and provide our shareholders with all necessary information on a reliable and secure basis.


We keep maximum confidentiality in the information obtained in work and business relationships.


We respect people and environments, executing processes with high levels of quality following international requirements, we respect people, their dignity, their values, we act with justice and equity, protecting the common good of our staff, we respect the cultures of the countries in which we work.

We also work hard with clients and society:

Ethics and social commitment

We provide our clients with quality services that respond to current and mutually agreed requirements, protecting the environment and people in accordance with the principles of safe and sustainable development, and implementing improvements that allow us to reduce the incidents and environmental impacts inherent to our activity.


We are committed to creating a healthy and safe environment in which our workers can develop, both personally and professionally. “Accident rates are not related to luck. 0 tolerance for accidents.”


Working with transparency and professionalism, prioritising the design of our services and their scope, with the aim of generating confidence in our customers. We involve our suppliers in the definition of our services and in the generation of our projects.

Quality assurance and control

1) Warranty and quality control: We consider quality as an institutional culture to achieve excellence and efficiency 2) Respect for the environment: we understand sustainability as the basis for the planning and delivery of our services.

Respect for the environment

The assembly of thermal insulation techniques ensures that our customers’ industrial production processes are carried out under safe and energy-efficient conditions. Achieving good thermal insulation in industrial heat or cold is equivalent to saving a considerable amount of energy while protecting the environment.

With the Community

We train people to integrate into a professional work environment. We permanently adapt and establish ourselves to work in any geographic location with all the guarantees, to generate a stable and safe project, with the adequate formation and training, establishing strong alliances in the place where we develop our services.

Our clients